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These images are thumbnails and may appear a little grainy in some browsers.  However, you can click on any picture to download a larger image.  If you are on a dial-up internet connection, please be patient with the download times, some pictures are large files.  ~~~  All designs are copyrighted.

Game Table in Pecan with a Granite Inlay

Made in solid Pecan, this table with the Granite inlay weighs about 220 lb.  The pedestal presented some unique challenges in milling and woodturning, the work was far too big and heavy for a normal lathe.  Done on a router table with a simple sliding sled, the result was a perfect octagon with flared edges and a slightly tapered upper section.  The Granite floats on Felt pads.  Finished with 3 stain layers and 4-5 coats of Polyurethane.  Dimensions  44" Dia. x 29" H

Vanity Table and Stool in Purpleheart and Tiger Maple

This table has become known as the "Northern Lights Table", because the grain patterns in the Purpleheart closely resemble the eerie light shows of the Aurora Borealis.  As you move from side the side looking at the top, the light reflections shimmer in shades of purple. The grain in the Tiger Maple has similar reflections, and the two woods harmonize perfectly together.  The curvaceous top, drawer fronts, and mirrors create a truly unique style which brings together  the classic Queen Anne legs in a mix of  eclectic styling.  The drawer boxes are made in Aromatic Red Cedar.  The stool matches the table design. Hidden hinges on the side mirrors are incorporated to enhance the design functionality.  Dimensions 50" Lx 20" W x 29" H.  Finished with satin Polyurethane.


Occasional Table top in Padauk with a hidden storage cavity  underneath the top

This unique table is trapezoidal in shape, and features a sliding top that can be retracted to reveal a hidden drawer and has an inlay in the top.  The size is 62"L x 42" W (long side) x 36" W (short side). Made in Padauk, the color and grain are carefully matched so no glue joints are apparent.

Sofa Table in White Ash with Fretwork

The fretwork is characteristic of oriental styling and harmonizes with an adjacent window treatment in the home place.  Finished with 5 coats of Danish Oil.  Dimensions  29" H x 14" W x 72" L

Occasional Table in White Ash

Simple in design, these table are elegant and perfectly complement the Sofa table shown above. Finsihed with 5 coats of Danish Oil.  13" L x 10" W x 22" H

Coffee Table in Black Walnut and White Oak

The Black Walnut herringbone artwork is not an inlay but is made of solid laminated sections fashioned into a solid surface.  The Southwestern flavor is integrated into the design as the leg struts with additional Black Walnut and White Oak.  The border is White Oak.  Finished with 10 coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil .  Dimensions 36" L x 20"W x 16" H.

Breakfast Table in White Oak

This piece is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts designs.  Made in White Oak, the top is laminated of solid strips about 2-1/4" thick (Heavy!)  Finish is Danish Oil and the size is 42" Dia. x 29" H.

Breakfast Table in Hard Maple.

 Includes embedded Mahogany accent strips





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