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Dimensions:  25"H x 50"W x 16.5"D Special Hope Chest is Am. Black Walnut with elaborate oriental carvings on the front and ends.
Materials:  Cherry and slip matched Tiger Maple
Finish:  Stickley  #718 Morris Plains, Natural clear lacquer and paste wax
Description:This is a custom made TV console with upper sliding doors and lower flip door to hide audio/video components and wires.  Finished to emulate the classic Gustav Stickley Morris Plains lacquer.  The slip matched Tiger Maple glistens in the light. 


Dimensions:  84"H x 42" W x 15" D   Dimensions:  29"H x 50" W x 20" D
Materials:  Red Oak Solids and Veneers Materials: Purpleheart, Tiger Maple, and Aromatic Red Cedar Solids
Finish:  Two coats of two different color stains followed by three coats  Polyurethane, each coat sanded with 400 grit, buffed with steel wool.  Finished to match existing furnishings.   Finish:  Satin Polyurethane, each coat sanded with 400 grit and buffed with steel wool.
Description: Made to style match an existing piece of Living room furnishings, the gun cabinet houses 10 guns in felt lined slot holders.  The upper doors are mounted on Schock  rack and pinion pocket door slides, and are double secured with key and bolt locks.   The door pulls were special ordered to match the existing furnishings.  There are two surface mounted low-voltage 20w quartz lights inside that turn on automatically when the right door is pushed into the back position.   The bottom unit is additional storage for whatever.

Description: This table has become known as the "Northern Lights Table", because the grain patterns in the Purpleheart closely resemble the eerie light shows of the Aurora Borealis.  As you move from side the side looking at the top, the grain reflects the light and shimmers in shades of purple. The grain in the Tiger Maple has similar vibrations and reflections, and the two woods harmonize perfectly together.  The curvaceous top, drawer fronts, and mirrors create a truly unique style which brings together  the classic Queen Anne legs in a mix of  eclectic styling.  The drawer boxes are made in Aromatic Red Cedar.  The stool matches the table design. Hidden hinges on the side mirrors are incorporated to enhance the design functionality.  There is a flip down hidden compartment under the bench.


Dimensions:  44"H x 50"W x 22"D

Dimensions:  60"H x 60"W x 80"L
Materials: All Maple solids including the rope moldings.  The door and side panels are 4-way book matched Maple Burl veneer.   Material :  White Oak and Padauk
Finish:  Clear stain conditioner followed by selected stains for color balance and match between the veneer and solids.  Then 3 coats satin polyurethane. Finish; 5 coats Satin Polyurethane
Description: This demilune console was fabricated as a customized piece designed with specific requirements.  The design was 100% modeled and rendered in SolidWorks 2004 software (click here to see the model).   All the moldings were hand made because of the semi-circular shape.  The upper and lower skirts were fabricated using the bentwood laminating process.  This was quite a challenge to design and fabricate being so curvacious Description:  Queen size bed in specially selected materials

Dilmensions:  30"H x 24"W x 13"D

Materials: African Bosse and Afromosia (back)

Finish: Blend of Boiled Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, and Satin   Polyurethane. Seven coats with a two coats of wax.

Special Bookcase has internal dividers in the carcass and doors. The Bosse has quite a lot of chatoyance.  The bookcase was 100% modeled in Solidworks 2008 and was approved by the customer by e-mail using a process integrated into Solidworks called eDrawings. Click here to see the model.

 Bookcase open view









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