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Q. What is involved in the commissioning process?
A. Click the link below to read the basic version of the answer.  If you would like the longer legalistic version, please fill out the Feedback form on the contact us page an we will e-mail it to you  This in an Adobe Acrobat file and you will need the Acrobat reader on your computer.  If you do not have it, go to the Adobe website at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/ and Install it.  The reader is completely free.

Commissioning Process

Q. What is the difference between "custom", "semi-custom", and "store bought"?
A. "Custom" pieces are completely designed and crafted from the ground up, without any reference to preexisting pieces.  These are one-of-a-kind artistic abstractions that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  "Semi-Custom" is like saying, " I saw this piece of furniture over at the blah-blah store, but could you add or modify it to look like this and/or that"?  "Store Bought" is self explanatory.
Q. How do we compete with large commercial furniture builders?
A. Mainstreet Wood Works is a small shop operation.  Pieces are made essentially one-at-a-time.  Therefore, we can not compete directly with mass production technology, nor do we try to price match or compete with discount furniture stores.
Q. Does Mainstreet Wood Works maintain a large wood inventory?
A. We maintain a small inventory of common domestic woods and some plywoods.  However due to the high cost of exotic and foreign species, inventory is limited to small samples and cutoffs left from prior projects.
Q. What does a typical commissioned piece cost?
A. This question defies any direct answer since the factors involved in prices vary significantly.  The components of the price include labor, labor overhead, materials, material and purchasing overhead, other direct costs, general and administrative expenses, warranty, royalties, profit, and  delivery, installation, and setup costs.  Typically, labor is the driver, but if a piece is made from Macassar Ebony, the price can become material driven.  Most often, kitchen cabinetry can be quoted by the linear foot knowing the a few design details and material selection.  A custom Gun Cabinet like that shown in the Gallery will be $2500 more or less.
Q. How do we establish the delivery schedule for your commissioned piece?
A. Delivery schedule can be estimated based on construction time plus start-up lead time.  Start-up lead time is based on backlog and can vary from 3 weeks to as much as 4 months.  You should not expect anything less than 5-8 weeks total time.
Q. How do we calculate the final price of a commission?
A. Changes from our initial estimates are rare, but if the client introduces design changes after construction is started or if material prices change significantly, we try to negotiate an equitable adjustment in the final price.
Q. What is a budgetary estimate ?
A. Budgetary estimates are utilized primarily for development of  cost estimates in the early stages of a project development when details are limited or sometimes not available.  After all details are defined, the price becomes firm-fixed price, cost-plus, or may utilize the progress payment method . 
Q. What is an incentive fee?
A. There can be incentive fees paid with any pricing method.  Incentive fees are paid in order to speed up work or step ahead of other clients.  Incentives are similar to overtime pay.
Q. Does Mainstreet Wood Works do mass production orders?
A. No.  We do not currently have CNC machinery or Laser cutting capabilities but plans are in the works for the future.   However, we can produce small quantities of certain items keeping in mind that each one may be slightly different.   We appreciate all inquiries and will continue to accommodate all projects that space and equipment will allow.
Q. Does Mainstreet Wood Works use software to create customized design details?
A. Yes!  We use Solidworks 2007 for many projects requiring full Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities.  Then we use eCabinet Systems or KCDw for flat-faced cabinet layouts.
Q. What geographical areas do you perform woodworking services in?
A. Primarily, we do work all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and most surrounding North Central Texas counties.  We have done work as far as Houston, Shreveport LA, and even Florida.  If you live within a 100 mile radius of the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, then we can surely help.  Otherwise, if you cannot find a woodcrafter, then try Custommade.com and click on the state or specialty for which you need assistance.  
Q. What is the difference between face-frame and frameless cabinets?
A. Fundamentally, the difference is in the construction methods.  Frameless cabinets are of European origin and resemble a simple open box, with sides, bottom, back, and a top.  The box material is typically a plywood, MDF, or particleboard with the front edges banded with a material to hide the raw edge.  This material can be wood veneer, melamine, or solid wood.  Typically, full overlay doors and drawers are mounted directly to the cabinet carcass with a slight reveal between edges to make a clean unbroken look to the facade of the cabinet.

Face-frame construction adds a hardwood frame to the basic carcass and gives a picture framed look to the facade of the cabinet carcass.  The frame is fastened to the carcass and the doors and drawers are then mounted onto the frame instead of the carcass, which unlike frameless construction, reveals part of the frame visible between doors and drawers.  The frame provides additional strength and rigidity to the cabinet and provides a sturdier place to mount the doors and drawers.




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