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Dave Glodo Woodworking Biography

My woodworking experiences date to my very early childhood where my Grandfather, who was a skilled carpenter, encouraged me to bang nails into boards while hanging out in his garage.  Upon passing away, my Granddad willed me all his vintage carpentry tools some of which I  still have and use today.  My Granddad’s influence into woodworking and carpentry is something I gained early in life and never gave up.  I have always had an area around the house I could label as a “shop”, even if very minimal.  During my later years in life, I could better afford to buy much better tools and power equipment. This enabled me to craft a few one-of-a-kind fine furniture projects for friends, acquaintances, and myself during the 1970’s, and consequently word of mouth spread into several woodworking ventures.  Later in the 1980’s, I started building masterpiece Grandfather clocks, intricately designed tables, inlaid game boards, and other uniquely customized items.

Having lived and traveled throughout the great American Southwest, I came to love the clean geometrical lines and styling of the Native American culture.  Currently, my woodworking inspirations are largely derived from a fusion of native Southwestern, Mexican, and Arts & Crafts influences, combined with the elements of light, space, and history into a blend of art forms not seen anywhere on this planet.

My endeavors have manifested an astute knowledge of tools and equipment.  The cutting edges must be honed razor sharp.  The equipment must be calibrated precisely and well maintained.  I also know that woodworkers must have a thorough knowledge of joinery, cabinet construction methods, properties of soft and hardwood, wood related heath and safety issues, and historical furniture styles. Additionally, furniture finishing, woodturning, carving, veneering and shaping are similar complementary skills that will raise any woodworking enthusiast to an even higher level.

My professional career in engineering taught me that the art and science of woodworking requires many diverse skill sets.  First and foremost is an absolute comprehensive attention to detail where square-ness, roundness, and flatness and final dimensions approach absolute accuracy.  I often work within tolerances of 1/128th of an inch, or better, or as an engineer would say, +/- 0.008 inches.  The initial conceptual and design stages involve a well thought out plan rendered on computer CAD software, accurately marking out on the stock with knife edge precision, and meticulous cutting and shaping of the wood by a variety of hand and mechanical means.  Currently, I am creating and rendering creative designs as an online art form by applying cutting edge  three dimensional  Computer Aided Design software including solid modeling technology.





Project List

Early American Style Hutch

TV Cabinets & Entertainment Centers

Book Store Bookcases & Display Racks

Corporate Conference Table with Inlays

Ethan Allen Bar Reproduction

Kitchen, Bath, and Bar Cabinets

Danish Style Queen Bed and Triple Chest

Coffee & Occasional Tables

Butcher Block Breakfast Table

Grandfather Clocks

Game Boards ~~ Chess, Backgammon, Pente, and Cribbage

Wine Rack & Glass Cabinet

Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks

Triple Hinged Dressing Mirrors

Computer Work Center and Credenza

Customized Picture and Artwork frames




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